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What is MaST?

All students in the MaST program will work towards a MaST Certificate.  This includes all courses in bold plus five Acceleration or MaST Option courses.  Students may also work towards an Honours MaST Certificate by receiving over 80% in 8 of the senior (coded with a 3 or 4) Acceleration or MaST Option courses.  Note: Students can receive only one of the two certificates.


Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


SNC1DPMaST Science

CGC1DPMaST Geography

TIJ1OPMaST Technology

ENG1DP - MaST English

French - Choice of:
FSF1D1 - Academic
FSF1D3 - Enriched (must have taken Immersion or Extended to Grade 8)
FSF1O2 -  Beginner
FSF1P1 - Applied

Healthy Active Living - choice of:
PPL1OF - Girls
PPL1OM - Boys
PPL 1O1 - Co-ed

Visual/Performing Arts - choice of:
ADA1O1 - Drama
AMI1O1 - Instrumental Music (experienced)
AMI1O2 - Instrumental Music (beginners)
ATC2O1 - Dance
AVI1O1 - Visual Arts
AWS2O1 - Digital Media


SBI3UPMaST Grade 11 Biology

CIVCAP*MaST Civics & Citizenship and Careers

*Upon completion of year 1 (grade 9), students are encouraged to enroll in Civics and Careers (online) summer school in order to take an additional grade 11 course in year 2.

ENG2DP ā€“ MaST English

CHC2DP ā€“ MaST History

Acceleration Options:

BAF3M1-Grade 11 Financial Accounting

CGF3M1 - Grade 11 Forces of Nature

ICS3U1 - Grade 11 Computer Science

IDC3O1 - Grade 11 Engineering and Design

TCJ 3C1 - Grade 11 Construction Engineering Technology

MCR3UP - Grade 11 MaST Math

SPH3UP - Grade 11 MaST Physics

SCH3UP - Grade 11 MaST Chemistry

Acceleration Options:

BAT4M1 - Grade 12 Financial Accounting

CGW4U1 - Grade 12 World Issues

ICS4U1 - Grade 12 Computer Science

IDC4U1 - Grade 12 Engineering Design

MDM4U1 - Grade 12 Data Management

PSK4U1 - Grade 12 Introduction To Kinesiology

SBI4U1 - Grade 12 Biology

SES4U1 - Grade 12 Earth and Space Science

TCJ4C1 - Grade 12 Construction Engineering Technology

MaST Options:

MCV4U1 - Grade 12 Calculus

MHF4U1 - Grade 12 Functions

SCH4U1 - Grade 12 Chemistry

SPH4U1 - Grade 12 Physics 


Note: ā€˜Pā€™ at the end of the course code denotes MaST students ONLY.

MaST is a four-year program specializing in Mathematics, Science and Technology.  The benefits of the program include:


ACCELERATION: The grade 9 program enables students to take senior level courses in grade 10.  This acceleration continues in grade 11.  Students are therefore better prepared for University (see table below for details).


ENRICHMENT: The MaST classes allow students with similar interests to work together on projects that are hands-on and open-ended.  Many challenges and opportunities are available to the MaST students such as: Math Contests, Sci-Tech Fair, Skills, Space Design Team, Med Tech, Go Physics, etc.


FLEXIBILITY: As students progress to grade 12, their course options increase dramatically to support a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities. 

Updated February 2018