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MaST Mathematics

The Math curriculum in the MaST program is an enriched version of the Ontario Math Curriculum. Students can expect to study concepts at an enriched level in all years of the MaST program and they will write several contests a year, including the University of Waterloo's Math Contests.


Bridge Building: During February, 2014, The grade 10 MaST students combined their math skills with their engineering skills to build a bridge.  The grade 10 MaST students were learning about quadratic functions.  The graph of a quadratic function is called a parabola.  Some bridges have arch supports in the shape of a parabola.  A great way for the grade 10 MaST students to learn about quadratic functions and their application in the real world is by building a bridge with a parabolic arch support.  The students, working in groups, thus had to build such a bridge using cardboard along with other materials.  The bridge had to meet specific width and length requirements.  The bridge the students built also had a minimum weight requirement.  To add to the challenge, the groups were given a budget with which they could purchase materials, like tape, glue, wire, string, and other materials.  The final challenge of the bridge building was the maximum weight that each bridge could support.  Students from the morning class then voted on their favourite bridge from the afternoon class and vice versa.  The winning group from the morning class were Aninda Poddar, Summaiya Karim, and Simron Puri(photo Bridge2A.jpg).  The winning group from the afternoon class were Connor Gitt, Nahian Khan, and Frank Nguyen(photo Bridge1A.jpg).  It was inspiring to see each group working together and discussing ideas and designs, principles of physics, which materials to use, how much material to use, and how much budget was remaining.  Every group committed many hours to complete the construction of their bridge and did a fantastic job in building their bridge.  Overall, the bridge building competition was a fun learning experience.   


Mini Putt: On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, the grade 9 MaST students hosted a Mini Putt golf "tournament".  As part of their final math summative activity, the grade 9 MaST students, working in groups, had to design and construct a scale model mini putt golf course.  The scale model mini putt golf course required a playing region to be a composite figure with at least three solids as obstacles.  Both grade 9 MaST classes spent many hours planning, cutting, gluing, painting, measuring, and refining their mini putt golf course.  Some of the themes the groups incorporated into the design of their golf courses are lego, candy, Batman, army boot camp, snow, parking lot, and castle.  Many of the golf courses had creative elements like a windmill, ramps, and tracks.  The event was successfully attended by staff and students who marvelled at the brilliant creations by the grade 9 MaST students.  It is truly inspiring to see the efforts and the end product when our students are given a fun challenge.