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The grade 12 data management course broadens students’ understanding of mathematics as it relates to statistics and probability.   Students apply methods  for organizing and analyzing large amount of information, solve problems involving statistics and probability, and learn counting methods for permutations and combinations.  Students will use Excel as the primary statistical software to organize their data.  The students are also assigned projects throughout the year that engage the students and connect their knowledge to real life.  The major projects that has repeatedly proven to be successful is the Mega Game Day project and the Survival Kit.  The data management course prepares students for their first year of university.  Students planning to enter university programs in business, social sciences, and the humanities will find this course of particular interest.  Many science programs require students to gather and analyse data or to enrol in a statistics course.

The grade 12 Data Management students designed and created a survival kit for DCTI students to cope with the stresses and pressures of high school.  The grade 12 students designed surveys to collect data from DCTI students.  Next the data that was collected was entered in statistical software and organized in appropriate graphs.  The grade 12s analyzed their graphs and determine what items to go into their survival kit.  Finally the grade 12s presented their kit along with their graphs to their peers.  The survival kits created by the grade 12s were phenomenal!!!  The kits contained many practical items like energy bars, juices, drink bottles, TTC tickets, pillows, stress balls, and music.  They also contained some inspirational items like a jar of quotes, medals, and flowers.  The grade 12s learned to collect and analyze data to create something that will make someone else’s life better.

Mega Game Day - The grade 12 data management students designed and constructed casino style games for the probability unit in December 2014.  The students set up their games in the math hallway during lunch.  Staff and students from DCTI were invited to play the games and win prizes.  The purpose of Mega Game Day was to collect data and determine experimental probabilities of the games designed by the grade 12s.