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The grade 9 MaST Math course builds on the foundational principles of numeracy explored in the middle school years with a focus on solving real life problems.  The grade 9s connect and apply their learning from math and other subjects to solve these real life problems.  The learning is enriched by engaging in creative projects.  There are opportunities to continue to enrich the learning through open ended investigations, hands on, and kinesthetic activities.  Some of the projects completed recently are building a roof at an optimal angle for a scale model cabin, designing a bottle to hold 250 mL, and determining the relationship between two variables.  

Topics such as integer and rational number work are extended to encompass work with powers, roots, proportions and ratios.  Topics such as Cartesian mapping are extended to encompass linear and non-linear relationships.  Topics such as simple algebra are extended to encompass higher order polynomial manipulation, equation solving, inequalities, factoring and linear systems.  Finally, topics such as 2D and 3D geometry are extended to encompass the geometry of lines, triangles and circles.  The course covers the same curriculum as the grade 9 academic course but with more depth and breadth.  

The grade 9s are also encouraged to challenge themselves by participating in the Pascal Math contest.  



Grade9EnergyDrinkProject1.jpg Grade9EnergyDrinkProject3.jpg