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MaST News

Fun with Molecules

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Below is a picture of Max Finch, a grade 12 biology student, and a molecule that he and some fellow classmates built. If Max is looking tired, perhaps it was the 'energy' he required to build the complex molecule that is ATP.



Last Updated on Thursday, 16 September 2021 15:51

Danforth's Chemistry Continues

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This year our Danforth students have done exceptionally well on the Chem 13 News Exam (Chemistry competition) written worldwide. Ten MaST have been awarded prizes (Elemental plaques) and certificates in recognition of their outstanding performances for being in the top 200 in Canada and US. A hearty congratulation goes to Samrin S. who scored within the 95th percentile and ranked as 8th in Toronto. The following is the list of students who were recognized for their performances;

  • Thomas L. (19th in Toronto)
  • Jack L. (21st in Toronto)
  • Sam C. (21st in Toronto)


Other notable performaces were accomplished by Abdullah A., Yuan D., Emma P., Sam P., Raisa H., and Ananya P. Fourteen of our Danforth students scored in the top 25th percentile and our overall school average was 20% higher than the Canadian average. Amazing job Danforth!

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2020 17:25

MaST Chemistry Students Excel at Avogadro Contest

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Four Danforth MaST students have been awarded prizes (Elemental plaques) and certificates in recognition of their outstanding performances for being in the top 200 in Canada and U.S. on the Avogadro Chemistry Exam. Souradeep S. finished in the 94th percentile  and Cole J., ANisha N., and David T. finished in the 92nd percentile.


Nicole F., Ryan M., Mikhail S., Aidan F., Shafee R., Matthew L., and Mahdin A. also scored in the top 80 percent on this internationally written exam. Congratulations to all who wrote the exam.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:40

Danforth Wins the U of T Space Design Contest

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The team of Eileen W., Max F., Caroline E-K., Priota H., and Prinoti K. won the 2019 University of Toronto Space Design Contest while the other team from Danforth finished second. The challenge this year was to develop a plan to clean up the ever growing problem of space debris. With the win they recieved this telescope for the school. Both teams had to present their proposals in front of a panel of judges consisting of U of T faculty and grad students.

Space Design Winners

Pictured above from left to right are Eileen W., Oliva R., Chandrima B., Arion H., Megan F., Leigh H., Max F., and Caroline E-K.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:41

Good News from Chemistry

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Danforth students experienced another successful year on this year's Avogadro Chemistry competition.  Congratulations to Jack L. for receiving an elemental tile for his score within the 92nd percentile and to Varun P. for scoring within the 84th percentile.  Honorable mention goes out to 5 more of our Danforth students; Evan B., Samya T., Jonah G-Y, Thomas L., and Ananya P. for scoring within the top 25th percentile.

Avogradro 2018

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:58

Danforth has Excellent Chemistry!

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Congratulations are in order for Elysia who scored in the 93rd percentile on the Chem 13 chemistry competition and for Emily who scored in the 85th percentile.

Danforth had a stacked team for the competition this year. As a school we finished 12% higher than the Canadian average. Below are the four anchors of the team (Emily, Elysia, Sultan and Adam).

4 Chem 13 Winners

These four scored in the top 25th percentile. Well done  Danforth!

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 November 2020 17:26

Danforth Shines at York University Biophysics Contest

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The award ceremony for the York University High School Biophysics contest was held on Friday June 15th at the Life Science Building at York. Danforth knew going in that we had some students in the top 5, but what we didn't know was that we took first and second place along with an honorable mention. Pictured below are Abiali B. (first place) and Ajwad K. (second place) with their certificates. Missing are Maya T. (second place with Ajwad) and Saskia R-S. and Annie D. (honorable mention).

Abiali and Ajwad award

After the award ceremony the students got a tour of some of the facilities at York including the observatory and the antimatter lab. Pictured below are Ajwad and Abiali in the lab.

Abiali and Ajwad antimatter

Danforth is now 2 for 2 in this competition and we are looking forward to the next installment in two years time (unfortunately York does not have enough funds to run the competition annually).  Well done!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:59

Danforth Students Attend TKSummit

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TK Summit 1


Danforth students; Rosmeeah, Mikhail, Lana and Subha attended the TKSummit last weekend on Toronto’s waterfront.

“Take action right now, get a head start into life and take a route that isn’t conventional. This was the message that they really pushed in TKSummit 2018. This conference was a day full of networking, inspiring speakers and idea sharing. We were able to listen to speakers that work for the most influential and powerful companies in the world. We were able to hear what they see as the future and how they personally got into these companies and what they are doing right now. Some of the great ideas came from  speakers from companies such as Facebook, where they created Facebook spaces. The designers integrated VR and create avatars so they were able to connect with people even more. Almost all of the presentations had AI integrated in it. Another point  most of the speakers said was that technological advances used to be growing linearly, but now it’s the age where it grows exponentially.”

Lana T.

TK Summit 2

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 June 2019 11:51

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