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MaST News

Sci-Tech Fair 2017

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SciTech Fair 2017!

Once again, a huge crowd showed up to the SciTech Fair. This giant display took place in the cafeteria Tuesday evening, March 7. The tables were covered with display boards describing the projects and the ceiling was festooned with molecules made by Ms. Durairaj’s chemistry classes.


The grade 11 Engineering Design students showed off their elastic-powered cars. They ran them in the hallway to see which one could go the farthest. This required that they go, which required making good design decisions and building skillfully. In the photo below Danielle is about to launch her Camouflage Car while Evan, Nicola and Emma are making adjustments to their Magic School Bus.


The grade 12 Engineering team brought their hydraulic arms. They had visitors form teams of four and had them compete to see which team could remove the most Stryrofoam balls and which could stack wooden blocks the highest. Below, Atiqil is supervising three young visitors and Elysia is giving instructions to one of her adult competitors. In the front Abida and Erin are checking that their arm is ready to go.



At the end of the evening, awards for the various contests were given out. The greatest tension was about which of the science projects would be selected to go on to the Metro Science Fair in April. Each school is only allowed to select ten and there are so many fantastic candidates to choose from.


Here you can see Nico explaining his project to Ms. Durariraj. He and his partner Isaiah tested anti-fungal remedies.



Here you can see Emily and Marysia explaining their low-cost robotic arm to a visitor.



Here you can see Sultan and Aswin with their glove that translates sign language into text.



If these projects do well, they may win a medal and may be selected to compete at a higher level. Before handing out this year’s awards, we honoured four of our students from last year who went really far. Calvin and Masum’s project won a gold medal at last year’s Metro Fair and then went for to the National Fair for a week and brought home a bronze. Andre and Frank won a silver medal at the Metro Fair. They also entered their project in the SAGE competition and came first place in Canada and then first place in the World Championship!


Below, left to right, are Andre Bertram, Masum Billah, Calvin Veenkamp and Frank Nguyen.



The students whose projects were selected are Aidan Farrow, Mikhail Szugalew, Annie Dennis, Nicole Fung, Sakib Junaed, Ryan Marsh, Sultan Emaish, Aswin Visva, Julia Pham, Anamika Bose, Emily Coughlan, Marysia Zaleski-Cox, Isaiah Burton, Nicholas Prouse, Camille Leblanc, Meghan Paleolog, Matthew Phillips, Marc Frame, Owen Anderson and Chris Knappers. We wish them the best of luck at the Metro competition.

Here are the grade 9 winners.


Here are the grade 11 winners.


Here are the grade 12 winners.

Credit to Ruthie Sun for the photos.


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Come one come all to Sci-Tech Fair 2017

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Students have been busy building and experimenting for the last month or so and are just about ready to present their research.  Come out and celebrate all their hard work and maybe pick up some science wisdom in the process.

The fair takes place in Danforth's cafeteria on March 7, from 6.30-8.30.

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2016-17 Hot Air Balloon Contest

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At lunch on Tuesday Jan. 17 fourteen teams met to compete in the annual hot air balloon contest. Each balloon was heated for 90 s with a hot air gun and the winning balloon is the one that stayed up in the air the longest. The winning balloon stayed up for 56.8 s and was built by Adri S., Jonah G. and Manning W.. This was closely followed by the second place winner which stayed up for 53.5 seconds. This balloon was built by Fariha F., Tahiat S. and Prachyo S.. You can watch their balloon and others in this video made by Will A.

Grade 9 MaST mini foosball table project

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The grade 9s recently worked collaboratively to build a mini foosball table in their math class.  The mini foosball table required specific constraints such as size, function, and appearance.  Using their equation solving skills, the grade 9s first determined all the appropriate dimensions of the mini foosball table their group will build.  Next, each group discussed and planned how they will build their foosball table.  The grade 9s dedicated many hours into building some very well designed mini foosball tables.  Throughout the entire process of building the foosball tables, the grade 9s, in addition to applying math skills, they developed planning, designing, problem solving, conflict resolution, and leadership skills.  


MaST Students attend an Aerospace Conference Oct. 28-29

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The photo shows Shoeb, Masnoor, Jackson and Farheen who were a few of the students that attended the Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace conference. There were lectures and chances to chat on Friday night at Ryerson University and all-day Saturday at the University of Toronto. The event was organized by students at these universities including three former Danforth students; Ridwan, Victor and Zak. Thanks to these alumnae for the invitation.

“TSAA taught me a lot of great lessons on how to be successful and have fun with it at the same time. It showed me that a strong team doesn't just come from having people who are smart or creative, but by having a group that is willing to work together by their own self volition. Before this I thought going to conventions was “stupid” and a waste of time, but TSAA really opened my eyes and showed how much other people can help you realize things you've never really thought about or they can give you the information to shape your own future.”  Fardeen

“TSAA was an eye-opening experience which was very helpful to me as I was skeptical towards Aerospace engineering for being a desk job with no hands on experience. It cleared the stereotypes that clouded my eyes of engineering being a monotonous desk job with limited opportunities of being creative.”  Shoeb

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Caitlyn wins in a national competition and recommends the SHAD experience for other MaST students

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shad cupstetix non-pixelated logo

SHAD is a month long program, in July, focusing on the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in regards to business and entrepreneurship. Participants spend the month living in residence at a university, while attending lectures, workshops and completing a business challenge.

Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity of attending SHAD at Carleton University in Ottawa. I was able to attend lectures on topics such as imagination and nanotechnology, participate in game design and global health workshops, while making 55 amazing new friends. We also had a chance to explore Ottawa, go camping (in the pouring rain), try dragon boating, and many other fun and different activities. A group of us even walked across the Ontario-Quebec border one day during our, very limited, free time.

Every year, participants are given a business challenge and the topic this year was food insecurity in Canada. My group created a company called Stetix. We developed a product called SpiraVita, which is a small tank which allows consumers to easily grow a  blue-green algae, called Spirulina, in the comfort of their own home. Spirulina is very nutrient dense and, if needed, someone can live off of just 2 grams of Spirulina per day and water.

My group was chosen to represent SHAD Carleton in the John Dobson Entrepreneurship Cup. This event took place on October 27th, and my group placed second in the Best Website category and third in the Best Prototype category.

Shad was one of the best experiences of my life. It is impossible to describe how amazing and life-changing Shad was. If you are currently in grade 10, 11, or 12, I completely recommend applying. The application is due on November 28th, 2016.

For More Information on Stetix:

For More Information on the SHAD Program:

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The Fifteenth Annual Roller Coaster Competition!!!

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At lunch on Friday, ten rollercoasters made by the grade 12 Engineering Design students were on display. The coasters presented this year were among the best ever and the students should feel very proud of their work in this very challenging project. Hundreds of teachers and students dropped by to see them in action and vote for their favorites. The teams had to 'sell' the merits of their coasters to a very demanding and discerning audience.
The audience favorites were Winter Wonderland (built by Abida, Erin and Ethan), Rainbow Road built by (Keyan, Will A. and Ben) and Cincinnati Zoo built  by (Meaghan, Camille and Martin). The coasters were also judged in detail by the class and received marks for the length of the ride, number of loops, hills, interweaving, jumps and other features. The clear winner in this technical judging and overall was the Cincinatti Zoo.

You can watch the Cincinnatti  Zoo coaster in action in this video made by Camille.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 October 2016 17:18

Mole Day at Danforth 2016

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Friday, October 21 was Mole Day at Danforth.  Please follow the link below to see some pictures of the event and check out the video put together by Voices of Danforth.

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