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MaST News

MaST Students attend the High School Design Hackathon at the University of Toronto

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“All the students were split into groups (each group included a student from U of T), and given the choice of one of three problems. We had to brainstorm with the other students in our group and find a solution. Then each group presented in front of a panel of judges. I enjoyed this event as it gave me more experience as to how an engineer thinks and co-operates with others. In addition, I realized that there are lots of different ways problems can be solved and that there is not just one solution."      Alison (grade10)


“We got to pick one of three design challenges to solve in groups of six. Our group chose the challenge about the problems with the TTC, but other groups explored smartphone design for the elderly and disaster relief centres.  After the two hour work period, we presented to a panel of judges."     Emma (grade 10)



“My group created a design for an elderly-friendly smartphone. I found the experience to be thoroughly eye-opening as we not only went, but we also took the time to consider the pros and cons of everyone’s ideas and come to a consensus with how we were to go about presenting that solution. In conclusion I found the program to be incredibly helpful in terms of both project management, and co-operation in a working environment, as well as being able to just make general inquiries about university life.”   Zanna Grade 10

Please also see another student's write-up of the event by following the link below.


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Grade 9 MaST Students on the swing

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Next week wraps up the final week of Grade 9 Badminton Club. Ms. Tevlin and Ms. Mnyusiwalla have made badminton available for grade nine students every other lunch as part of the Danforth commitment to make the transition to high school a happy, healthy and easy process. It is a great way to get exercise and make friends. Over half of the grade 9 MaST students have taken advantage of this opportunity. After next week, the grade nines can continue playing badminton, but they will now be joined by students in the other grades. 

mast badminton 1

mast badminton 2 1

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At the start of the school year, the grade 9s were eager yet reserved to show their enthusiasm and interest of mathematics.  Many also did not know each other.  To foster an environment of co-operation, spark some mathematical ingenuity, and to set the tone for the school year, the grade 9s were given the task to work in groups and kinestetically represent a triangle, the numbers 1 to 10, and the fibonacci numbers from 1 to 13.  The grade 9s were also given the task to create a visual representation of the digits of pi.  Then the grade 9s had to determine a way to write the numbers from 1 to 10 as the sum of three integers cubed.  The finished products of all the grade 9s were beyond impressive.  These activities set the tone for the school year.  It will be a year filled with brilliant solutions to challenging problems while having fun with math.

Click here to check out the photos.

If you're on Instagram, please follow societyofcoolmathematicians for more updates on math@danforth.

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Women in Engineering visits Danforth

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Only 1/5th of this year’ graduating engineers in Ontario are female. On Oct. 12, two 3rd year McMaster engineering students returned to talk to Danforth students to encourage the girls to consider engineering. Nelani is studying computer engineering and Arujula chose chemical engineering. They visited seven different classes and then did a longer presentation for female students only at lunch. Students learnt about the different types of engineering and the importance of the problem solving that engineers do. Nelani and Arujula also shared their personal stories about why they both chose to do a 5-year Engineering and Society program and why Nelani chose computer engineering and Arujula chose chemical engineering.

women and engineering oct 2016 

Having presentations like this, from students who were so recently at Danforth, helped the present students envision where they might be in a few years and has trigger lots of interest and thoughts about what they want their future to look like. Thanks Nelani and Arujula for taking the time to reach back to Danforth students.   

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 October 2016 08:35

Grade 9 Students at Adventure Valley

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Grade 9 MaST students had a blast this year in the great outdoors at Adventure Valley just north of Toronto.  They worked on leadership and team building exercises.

20160920 131601

To see other pictures of our adventure, please follow the link below.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 September 2016 21:01

Danforth Biology Students Win Again

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york biophysics winners website

Students in Mr. Weight's Grade 10 Biology class enetered their presentations in the York University Biophysics contest and did not disappoint. Pictured above are Martin, Emily and Callum, 1st place winners for their presentation on using Antimatter to Cure Cancer. Also pictured are Nuzhat, Abida and Tafriha, honourable mention for their presnetation on How  Butterfly A Wing Gets Its Colour. Congratulations to these and all other students in grade 10 biology for their entries to this contest. Hopefully York University will continue to run this event.

Last Updated on Monday, 27 June 2016 10:04

Grade 7 Skills Challenge

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As Danforth, our motto is "We learn by doing" and with that spirit, we hosted 8 of our feeder schools for our 2016 Grade 7 Skills Challenge.  Teams competed in 10 different hands on activities this year including:  Culinary Arts, Engineering, Auto Body Repair, Woodworking and more.  Congratulations to Glen Ames for winning school of the year this time round.

Please click on the link below to check out some pictures of the day's happenings.;usp=sharing_eid&ts=570f8abf

MaST@ Danforth CTI Students Develop Award Winning Wearable Device

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The Math and Science Technology (MaST) program @Danforth CTI specializes in Mathematics, Science and Technology. In this program like-minded students are able to accelerate their learning in an enriched and flexible environment.  Presently two MaST students Frank Nguyen and Andre Bertram, are winning accolades for their work on HeartWatch—a 24/7 wearable heart monitoring system which contacts emergency services when a user is in distress. The prototype devicehas already received a lot of attention and has earned the students work space and mentorship at Ryerson University and St. Michael's Hospital. 




Deryk Jackson, a MaST teacher explains, ‘The MaST program challenges students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that lead to creativity and innovation. Frank and Andre exemplify what MaST offers, as they've taken advantage of every opportunity in our math, science and technology enriched program and have achieved beyond our expectations.  They are great examples that high school students can set goals to change the world and then succeed in doing so.’

Most recently, Frank and Andre won a silver medal at the Toronto Science Fair, a $10,500 top prize (see the attached photo) for the MAKO Student Innovation Award and they've been selected as one of 12 finalists at The Stage: National Competition 2016 where they will compete in May of this year. 



Check out the following for more info:;


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