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MaST News

Trebuchet Contest

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Come one, come all to Danforth's annual Trebuchet Competion!

On June 2 at lunch(11.30-12.30) come and see the Grade 12 Engineering class' trebuchets and some of your favourite teachers(and principal!) be targets from the onslaught of water balloons!


Hydraulic Arm Showdown

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 Students in Grade 12 Engineering have been building and refining their hydraulic arms over the past few weeks and competed yesterday head to head to see which group could remove the most objects from the box of "goodies".  Building the arms is a difficult engineering challenge and one requiring a lot of team effort.

Up next for Grade 12 Engineering is the Trebuchet competition.

Pictured from left to right:  Frank Nguyen, Tucker Schuller, Carolyn Wilson and Connor Gitt

Sci-Tech Finalists 2015

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On March 10th, Danforth held it's 2015 Sci-Tech fair.  Thank you to all students, family and friends who participated and attended.  Ten finalists were chosen to represent Danforth at the Metro Toronto Sci-Tech Fair at the University of Toronto on March 28th.

Grade 9 Finalists:  Shadman Hossain, Aswin Visva, Martin Schmidt, Hajar Seiyad and Elysia Harrison

Grade 10 Finalists:  Christopher Lapena and Calvin Veenkamp

Grade 11:  Fahreen Bushra, Nahian Khan, Noshen Atashe, Aninda Poddar, Frank Nguyen and Nabiha Tahsin

Grade 12:  Max Musing, Evan Farrell, Trevor McCourt, Zak Georgis-Yap and Cian Schmidt

In addition to the Sci-Tech fair, two other groups will be representing Danforth in the spring.  From left to right, Jonathan Demmer, Graeme Stroud, Ridwan Howlader and Lucy von Appen are working on the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.  Continuing left to right, Kelly Ng and Chelsea Chow will be taking part in the Clean Tech Challenge.

To see more pictures from the evening, please click on the link below:

Sci-Tech March 10, 2015

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:21

Hot Air Balloon Competition

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The 14th annual hot air balloon competition was held at lunch during the first week back after the holidays. Three classes of engineering design students working in 17 different teams competed to build a balloon that would stay up in the air the longest after just 90 seconds of heating with a hot air gun. To succeed, the sutdents needed to make good design decisions, calculate and measure carefully, and then construct seams with great precision. Below you can see the winning balloon just before take off. It was created by a team ked by Katelyn Day (kneeling)  and ably supported by Emma, Zain and Ryan. This contest is just one of many examples of how science, technology,math and engineering (STEM) are put to use at Danforth.


 Photograph by Kelly Ng

These competitions are the focus of the Engineering Design courses taught by Mr. Jackson and Ms. Tevlin and they are getting a great deal of interest from teachers and instructional leaders across the TDSB. Fifteen teachers visited Danforth for the day on Jan. 21 to observe and learn from the classes that were building elastic powered cars. Another group will be visiting in April to see the speed boat competition and three more competitions will be featured at the Feb. 13 Eureka Conference. 

Last Updated on Friday, 06 March 2015 20:16

TDSB Teachers Visit Danforth Engineering Design Classes to Learn about STEM

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On Wed. Oct. 29, seven teachers visited Danforth CTI. Why? They want to learn about our unique Engineering Design course which uses STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) approaches to motivate students and increase learning. The courses are designed around a series of engineering contests which promote problem-solving and teamwork skills. The visiting teachers were impressed at the focus and enthusiasm and independence shown by the students. Several more visits are planned for 2015 and the course will be featured in the TDSB’s STEM showcase on December 5.

One of the contests that that day required that the students build a boat to float the largest predicted mass. The students had to make precise measurements and then calculations using Excel. They also had to make the right design choices and build skillfully. Another contest challenged them to build the most sensitive Cartesian Diver. This device consists of a plastic bottle of water which has an eyedropper inside that will move up and down as you squeeze and release the bottle.

The picture below left shows Jennifer Borda an Instructional Leader with the TDSB observing Katelyn, Qi and Camille testing their boat. On the right, Calvin tests his Cartesian Diver.


Last Updated on Friday, 06 March 2015 08:55

MaST Cedar Glen Trip 2014

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The Cedar Glen Trip.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 November 2014 20:51

U of T Engineering Science Partnership

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For 10 weeks, a dozen MaST students had the special opportunity of working with 4 fourth year Engineering Science students from the University of Toronto.

They stayed behind after school and learned advanced physics concepts and used them to design computer based prototypes then 3D printed and tested.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 June 2014 09:42

Quantum Computing for Rees

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Rees Simmons is off to the International School for Quantum Computing for Young Students in Waterloo this summer.

This program is given by the Institute of Quantum Computing and combines advanced, programming and modern physics skills.

Congratulations Rees! Have a great time.

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