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MaST News

Results from the U of T Biology Contest

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Biology: Ruthie Sun who is in grade 11 - was ranked 95 percentile in the 2016 University of Toronto’s National Biology Contest for grade 12 students! She was awarded a National Biology Scholar certificate! Congratulations Ruthie, we can only imagine what will happen when you write this exam again next year!

Last Updated on Friday, 24 June 2016 09:38

MaST Students @ Honors Tea

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Honors Tea is an annual celebration of achievement at Danforth, and this year many MaST students came away with the prizes and scholarships that are available to all Danforth students.  Awards were given for achievements in every subject area and in various grades.  These awards are jst another tradition that Danforth has to promote student success.  Sponsors from the community and Danforth's superindendent came out to help give the awards to dozens of deserving students. After the awards ceremony, guests enjoyed an amazing spread of food provide by our award winning hospitality department.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 November 2012 21:30

Cuts for Cancer on CBC

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Danforth held an amazing fund raising event to raise money for cancer research called Cuts for Cancer yesterday.  Several staff and students donated their hair to help make wigs for those undergoing cancer treatments.  A full media frenzy showed up to cover the event, and it was seen on the CBC evening news.  For those that missed it click on the link on the bottom to see MaST student Danielle getting interviewed!

Congrats to Ms Chan and Ms Romani, and all the staff and students who made this an amazingly successful event!

Click here for the CBC news coverage of Danforth's Cuts for Cancer event!


Pi Day

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Danforth had its first Math Fair aka Pi Day celebration in the Cafeteria today.  The equivalent of a math-related Science Fair, Pi Day was supposed to be on March 14th, but due to March break, it was moved to this later date.  The Grade 9 and 10 MaST classes all made booths to show how math can be fun!

Parents, staff and students were treated to a multitude of displays and presentations ranging from high tech inventions to lessons on card counting and problem solving games with prizes.  Congrats to Ms Cheung and Mr Jackson for making this a fun and unique event that showcased how math is more than just numbers!


Science Fair

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Congrats to all the winners of Danforth's Science Fair last night!

Ms Tevlin put together another amazing Science Fair which decided the school's entries into the City Science on March 31st.  Every year, MaST students are required to make a science fair project and we saw many great displays showing everything from Liquid Sunshine to How Fast Can A Gauss Rifle Fire.  Upper year MaST students in Engineering raced their hand built rubber-band powered cars, while students from the Hospitality department cooked up great snacks for everyone.  A good crowd of family, friends and alumni came out to enjoy the evening and it was a success thanks to many teachers from the Science and Technology departments.


TDSB Skills Competition

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Congrats to all the students who competed today in the TDSB Technology Skills Competition!  Students from several schools came to Danforth to compete in the City Regional competition in technology subjects such as auto body repair, baking, video production and job interview skills.  Many MaST students take technology courses as part of their electives at Danforth, and this resulted in much success.  Amongst the winners were the Mast students listed below.  Congrats on your success and good luck at Nationals!

TV/Video: Sydney M, Madeleine D - Gold, Starbuck O., Nelani S. - Silver

Job Interview: Jake B - Gold, Kees S. - Bronze

Web Site Development: Nathan P - Gold, Garnet B. - Silver

Car Painting: Jupe D. - Gold

Home Building: Matthew W., Megan F. - Gold


Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:36

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