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MaST News

Former MaST students get a deal on Dragon's Den!

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Frank Nguyen and Andre Bertram(both MaST graduates 2015) appeared on Dragon's Den on October 19th looking for      $100 000 of funding and to partner with one or more Dragon's on their invention, the HeartWatch.

Not only did they get the full $100 000 in funding, but every Dragon went in on the deal to partner with them!  Check out their appearance below:

For more information about the HeartWatch and Andre and Frank's company, please visit their website:

Last Updated on Friday, 20 October 2017 18:02

Danforth Students are Very WISE!!

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Girls at WISE 2 smallOn Saturday September 30, 22 Danforth students from grade 9 to 12 attended the WISE Design Challenge at U of T. This is run by the local chapter of Women IScience and Engineering, to encourage more female high school students to consider STEM careers. It was an intense afternoon of competition and collaboration. Here is what three Danforth girls had to say

 “We were given three different challenges that we could try to find a solution for. After a few hours, we then presented our solution to a panel of judges and all the other groups in the room. I found that this event helped improve my cooperation, creativity, and presentation skills. I was very much impressed with the other groups’ ideas and it was interesting to see how there are multiple solutions for every challenge. I have decided to join the WISE High School Mentorship program again as I found last year’s program was great. I’m looking forward to the future WISE events.” Alison W.


“We decided to tackle was how we would go about surviving on an overheating deserted island, where the surrounding water is contaminated, all the other people with us are wounded, and the only things we were given were Tupperware, mirrors, and string. My group separated what we needed to do into four categories, water, food, shelter, and healthcare. Overall my team worked really well together, coming up with our ideas and presenting. I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and would love to do it again next year.” Claire D.


“My group decided to design an app for healthcare, the app would be able to tell you where you need to go, ie hospital or walk in clinic, and based on your symptoms and then direct you to wherever you have to go. The app also had your full medical history, that could be edited by your doctor. Doctors could also find you profile by scanning your health-card. It could be used at home or in a hospital waiting room, so that doctors could know the patients symptoms before they saw them. The app would also automatically alert certain contacts if you had an accident and we’re in the hospital.” Taylor B.


“My experience at the WISE design challenge was amazing. It was fun to learn and work with high school students of different ages, I also found it inspiring to talk with university students about their areas of study. Overall it was great!” Maxine S.


Girls at WISE 1 small

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 14:29

Grade 9 MaST at Adventure Valley

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On Tuesday September 19th the grade 9 MaST classes participated in team building and environmental activities at Adventure Valley Outdoor Education Center.

Group Shot Small

Getting ready for a team building activity

Nature Hike 2 Small

On a nature walk to a salmon spawning ground

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 September 2017 15:01

Fun at Science rendezvous: U of T

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We (Fariha, Tahiat, Juhana, Raisa, Martha) went to the Science Rendezvous at U of T on May 13th. There were many interesting exhibits there that we were able to watch/ experiment with. One of the most interesting was the superconductor station, where a professor had dipped a normal rock into a freezing glass of liquid nitrogen before setting it on a railroad of magnets. The cool part was that the rock had actually stayed afloat and traveled around the track or twice, before setting back down. Another cool exhibit was the virtual reality room, where we got to put on goggles of sort that would take us to a different world. At this exhibit, we were able to “go” to outer space and shoot planets or move them around. Other exhibits includes the astronomy section, where we got to meet astronomers in training and look through telescope, the dominoes section, where dominoes that had a size difference of 1.5 units were knocked over. Food and small merchandises were available there as well. Overall, the trip was very exciting, as we got to see many cool exhibits and got to roam around the University of Toronto. 

science rendezvous - roberta tevlin

Last Updated on Monday, 15 May 2017 07:40

Rethink the Box

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 Danforth Wins Again!

Rethink the Box

On Thursday May 11th a team of Grade 10 students from Ms Tevlin's and Mr Weight's Engineering Design classes participated in the first annual Rethink the Box Challenge where they had to enhance a human ability. The team wowed the judges with not only their design, but also their teamwork and communication skills. Well done Danforth. We are looking forward to defending our title at the competition next year.

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 May 2017 16:11

Four short videos of recent projects at Danforth

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MaST students recently made some 30-second films highlighting some of the projects that they have done this year. Callum and Martin made Ruebens Tube which shows off a device made in grade 11 Physics that shows a series of flames to make sound wavelengths visible. 

Claire made a videa showing a couple of Cartesian divers that she made i grade 11 Engineering Designand shows how a blood pressure cuff can be used to measure the different sensities of the two divers. 

Ishrat and Menna made a video showing off some of the many life-like Lego creatures built in grade 12 Engineering Design. 

Taylor and Elysia made a video that demonstrates the abilities of the top two hydraulic arms built in grade 12 Engineering Design.

Last Updated on Friday, 21 April 2017 07:41

MaST at Stem Cell Talks

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On Friday March 10th the grade 10 MaST classes participated in the annual Stem Cell Talks Symposium at the MaRS district of Toronto. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to ask questions to leading stem cell researchers. This years focus was on stem cells and immunity. Not only did the students get to learn about the latest about stem cells, they also learned about the econmics and policies behind this groundbreaking research.

Stem Cell Talks Emma 2

Grade 9 MaST Students at the U of T

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On March 10th, six Grade 9 MaST students spent the day of the University of Toronto participating in the 1st Annual Pharmacy Day. 

The students made their own sun block, extracted DNA from bananas and did chromatrography of flowers.

img 20170311 151139 241

Pictured are Kangkan, Mymona, Lana, Emily, Logan and Sajini

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