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Women in Engineering visits Danforth

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Only 1/5th of this year’ graduating engineers in Ontario are female. On Oct. 12, two 3rd year McMaster engineering students returned to talk to Danforth students to encourage the girls to consider engineering. Nelani is studying computer engineering and Arujula chose chemical engineering. They visited seven different classes and then did a longer presentation for female students only at lunch. Students learnt about the different types of engineering and the importance of the problem solving that engineers do. Nelani and Arujula also shared their personal stories about why they both chose to do a 5-year Engineering and Society program and why Nelani chose computer engineering and Arujula chose chemical engineering.

women and engineering oct 2016 

Having presentations like this, from students who were so recently at Danforth, helped the present students envision where they might be in a few years and has trigger lots of interest and thoughts about what they want their future to look like. Thanks Nelani and Arujula for taking the time to reach back to Danforth students.