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MaST Students attend the High School Design Hackathon at the University of Toronto

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“All the students were split into groups (each group included a student from U of T), and given the choice of one of three problems. We had to brainstorm with the other students in our group and find a solution. Then each group presented in front of a panel of judges. I enjoyed this event as it gave me more experience as to how an engineer thinks and co-operates with others. In addition, I realized that there are lots of different ways problems can be solved and that there is not just one solution."      Alison (grade10)


“We got to pick one of three design challenges to solve in groups of six. Our group chose the challenge about the problems with the TTC, but other groups explored smartphone design for the elderly and disaster relief centres.  After the two hour work period, we presented to a panel of judges."     Emma (grade 10)



“My group created a design for an elderly-friendly smartphone. I found the experience to be thoroughly eye-opening as we not only went, but we also took the time to consider the pros and cons of everyone’s ideas and come to a consensus with how we were to go about presenting that solution. In conclusion I found the program to be incredibly helpful in terms of both project management, and co-operation in a working environment, as well as being able to just make general inquiries about university life.”   Zanna Grade 10

Please also see another student's write-up of the event by following the link below.