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The Fifteenth Annual Roller Coaster Competition!!!

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At lunch on Friday, ten rollercoasters made by the grade 12 Engineering Design students were on display. The coasters presented this year were among the best ever and the students should feel very proud of their work in this very challenging project. Hundreds of teachers and students dropped by to see them in action and vote for their favorites. The teams had to 'sell' the merits of their coasters to a very demanding and discerning audience.
The audience favorites were Winter Wonderland (built by Abida, Erin and Ethan), Rainbow Road built by (Keyan, Will A. and Ben) and Cincinnati Zoo built  by (Meaghan, Camille and Martin). The coasters were also judged in detail by the class and received marks for the length of the ride, number of loops, hills, interweaving, jumps and other features. The clear winner in this technical judging and overall was the Cincinatti Zoo.

You can watch the Cincinnatti  Zoo coaster in action in this video made by Camille.