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MaST Students attend an Aerospace Conference Oct. 28-29

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The photo shows Shoeb, Masnoor, Jackson and Farheen who were a few of the students that attended the Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace conference. There were lectures and chances to chat on Friday night at Ryerson University and all-day Saturday at the University of Toronto. The event was organized by students at these universities including three former Danforth students; Ridwan, Victor and Zak. Thanks to these alumnae for the invitation.

“TSAA taught me a lot of great lessons on how to be successful and have fun with it at the same time. It showed me that a strong team doesn't just come from having people who are smart or creative, but by having a group that is willing to work together by their own self volition. Before this I thought going to conventions was “stupid” and a waste of time, but TSAA really opened my eyes and showed how much other people can help you realize things you've never really thought about or they can give you the information to shape your own future.”  Fardeen

“TSAA was an eye-opening experience which was very helpful to me as I was skeptical towards Aerospace engineering for being a desk job with no hands on experience. It cleared the stereotypes that clouded my eyes of engineering being a monotonous desk job with limited opportunities of being creative.”  Shoeb