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Fun at Science rendezvous: U of T

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We (Fariha, Tahiat, Juhana, Raisa, Martha) went to the Science Rendezvous at U of T on May 13th. There were many interesting exhibits there that we were able to watch/ experiment with. One of the most interesting was the superconductor station, where a professor had dipped a normal rock into a freezing glass of liquid nitrogen before setting it on a railroad of magnets. The cool part was that the rock had actually stayed afloat and traveled around the track or twice, before setting back down. Another cool exhibit was the virtual reality room, where we got to put on goggles of sort that would take us to a different world. At this exhibit, we were able to “go” to outer space and shoot planets or move them around. Other exhibits includes the astronomy section, where we got to meet astronomers in training and look through telescope, the dominoes section, where dominoes that had a size difference of 1.5 units were knocked over. Food and small merchandises were available there as well. Overall, the trip was very exciting, as we got to see many cool exhibits and got to roam around the University of Toronto. 

science rendezvous - roberta tevlin