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Danforth Students attend the Empower Youth Conference

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The YOUth Conference, organized by the WISE (women in science and engineering) group was a really beneficial event. What I found to be the most useful to me was the panel with the undergraduate students who advised that "life is not a spectator sport", we must get involved. They encouraged us to definitely talk to our professors and search for lab opportunities, to not be picky at first about which labs we get, but to just gain transferrable skills, which we can apply later on. (I will definitely look into that now during my time at university.) Their advice was very practical and applicable.

The professors were also very inspiring. The astrophysics one (Renee Hlozek) was my favorite, not only advocating about the STEM fields, but also empowering women, to challenge and change the current system of mostly male-dominant scientists.
During the Pre-Medical Society workshop, we learned about injections and even got the chance to practice on our own (just on tangerines of course), but it was a lot of fun!
I would definitely encourage the students next year to attend.
~ Nuzhat J.