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Danforth Students go to “Get Your Bot On!” at Ryerson

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Get your bot on

On Sunday November 26 th , Anamika , Menna and Maeashah went to an all-day event at Ryerson
University where they hear from three different tech founders who shared how they came to
produce their businesses. They are pictured here with with Dr. Karam who is the inventor and president of Tactile Audio
Displays Inc. and a Senior Visiting Research fellow at Kings College London UK.

"One of the founders mentioned that in order to have a business you need know its market, cost,
what is being sold and how you would have to convince people to buy your product and know its
value. In order to do so you would need a great pitch. This was very useful because it benefits
me with the program/project I am currently working on (Zero To Startup)." Menna

"I would recommend events like this to anyone wanting to get inspiration for future projects, or
even just to see the different up and coming tech projects." Anamika

"I found the event to be useful because it gave me a chance to network and speak with the creators. Talking with Dr.Karam was really inspiring and she encouraged us to contact her if we ever need her help. This also helped me start thinking about sci tech projects and overall I really enjoyed it and it was a very informative" Maeashah