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Danforth Students Attend TKSummit

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TK Summit 1


Danforth students; Rosmeeah, Mikhail, Lana and Subha attended the TKSummit last weekend on Toronto’s waterfront.

“Take action right now, get a head start into life and take a route that isn’t conventional. This was the message that they really pushed in TKSummit 2018. This conference was a day full of networking, inspiring speakers and idea sharing. We were able to listen to speakers that work for the most influential and powerful companies in the world. We were able to hear what they see as the future and how they personally got into these companies and what they are doing right now. Some of the great ideas came from  speakers from companies such as Facebook, where they created Facebook spaces. The designers integrated VR and create avatars so they were able to connect with people even more. Almost all of the presentations had AI integrated in it. Another point  most of the speakers said was that technological advances used to be growing linearly, but now it’s the age where it grows exponentially.”

Lana T.

TK Summit 2