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Danforth Biology Students receive honourable mentions at the Kimberly-Foundation Climate Chnage Video Contest (2019).

Climate Winners 3

Pictured above are Luke P.D., Erin C., Maxine S., Sammie S., and Mina S. Luke's solo film project made the long-list (top 35) from across over 250 films from across Canada and Erin, Maxine, Sammie and Mina's film made the short-list (top 10). Well Done! Below are the links to these two films.

Erin, Maxine, Sammie and Mina's Film

Luke's Film


The students in the grade 10 biology class (2016) entered their presentations in the York University Biophysics contest. Pictured below are the first prize winners for their presentation on Anti-Matter, A Cure for Cancer. Also pictured are the honourable mention winners for their presentation on How a Butterfly Wing Gets Its Colour.

york biophysics winners website

Other enrichment opportunities include; participation in the science and tech fair and competing in the University of Toronto Biology contest. This year Ruthie Sun (grade 11) placed in the to 95th percentile in this nationally written contest and obtained the staus of National Biology Scholar.

Students in Mr. Weight's grade 10 biology class are participating in the "Internal Systems Master Chef Model Building Challenge". They were given 60 minutes to use various arts and crafts supplies to create a model of an internal system in the human body.

systems challenge 1 web

systems challenge 2 web

systems challenge 3 web

As part of the accelerated program MaST students take the grade 11 biology course (SBI 3UP) in grade 10. This enables MaST students to take grade 12 biology (SBI 4U1) in grade 11. One main area of focus in both the grade 11 and 12 biology courses is learning through inquiry. Students have the opportunity to learn and master biological concepts through investigation. In grade 12 students work collaboratively in the design numerous lab investigations ranging from enzyme activity, osmosis, cellular respiration and photosysnthesis. Another area of focus in both grades is the continued development of their scientific communication skills.