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Engineering Design

This two-year program gives students a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to be part of an engineering team. Along the way their learn construction skills, physical principals, spreradsheet programming, math and most importantly groupm work and time management skills. They do 6 projects a year and you can see a sample of these below.

Hot Air Balloons: Build a balloon that stays up in the air the longest with only 2 minutes of heating from the hot air gun. You need to maximize certain physical properties usingmathematical formulas and then build very precisely.

Ping Pong Projectors: Your challenge is to build a motorized ping-pong training system. The winning device should provide variety in speed,timing,  direction and spin so that it can appropriately challenge both beginners and experts. The school is invited in at lunch to test the devices and select their favorites. Design and construction slikks are critical for this contest.

Hydraulic Arms: You have four pairs of syringes to combine to build a device that can stack blocks the highest and then grab as many different items from a bin in just three minutes. 

Animatronix: Talke Lego and motors and create lifelike motion. These entertaing creatures a very popular before the holiday show in December. 

 Roller Coasters: Within a narrow rectangular box, you need to provide a mouseball with a ride that has loops, hills, turns, jumps and other features and which lasts a long time. The winners in the competition know how to keep energy losses to a minimum and how to do this with style.